Midori| Raine (raihnsage) wrote,
Midori| Raine

On Rail Wars

I still hate Haruka. She has quickly made it on my hate list. I don't arbitrarily hate on characters, especially female characters. Rail Wars is a harem anime, after all. But I adore all the girls in it. Well except for this one. Due to a past incident Haruka decided that she's in live with the male lead, nothing new here, yes. But to act like a jealous possessive girlfriend who gets mad when she's not being payed attention to it very retarded. Haruka, so far, is the female version of the Nice Guy Syndrome. I hate Nice Guy Syndrom, and any version of it.
Now, whether this was intentional from the creators of the show/manga, or a mere play on the harem genre, I would not know. I will look into it. If it was delibrate  then I would assume that the genre of the anime would attract many male fans. Perhaps this is a subtle way to show these boys how unattractive it is to act so possessivly of someone who does not see you anything but a friend.
Honsetly speaking, Haruka is making the anime intolerable for me. I will give it one more episode (episode 8) and if I still cannot handle her, I'm dropping it.
Tags: anime, rail wars
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