Midori| Raine (raihnsage) wrote,
Midori| Raine

I have only three episode left of Rail Wars. The past three were not so bad. Haruka was less of a nuicance and I was able to tolerate her. Which is why I'm venturing forth with the rest of this anime. I will see about writing a review later on. I have so many negative things to say about so I'm not sure my review will be well percieved. But oh well, I need to actually start watching these last couple of episodes. I will hopefully watch them all today. I want to start something else already. Next on my list is Terra Formers. I'm doing this thing: One short anime and one long anime at a time. So after Rail Wars its a short anime. I will not pick any of the longer ones until I finish Twelve Kingdoms (which won't be any time soon trust me OTL). So yeah, this is the plan for now. After Terra Formers I will chekc what anime series I have fully downloaded and get to them one after the other.

On a side note: I think I'm going to include screenshots for any fandom ralted posts I make from now on. I will see how I do with this project starting my next entry onwards.
Tags: anime, rail wars, terra formars
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