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Sony totally slayed E3 this year. I admit, I cried, I yelled, I flailed @ many instances. Next year will be a game vomit with all the stuff I want to get. PLUS VR IS ACTUALLY COMING OUT THIS YEAR so there is that as well. In the menatime I'm just gonna be hugging my games and playing the shit out of some of them. Like, despite having lots to play I stil have the urge to replay RE: Revelations 2 because I'm not over this game just yet despite replaing like 3 times in a row.

Also, OreImo 2. Damn son. I'm only like 3 episodes in but its been lieterally years since I've seen the first season. Watching this now is FULFILLING to say the least about it. Plus, my neice likes Kirino and Co so that's another plus.

Tags: anime, e3, e32016, games, kousaka kirino, oreimo, reseident evil revelations 2, resident evil, revelations 2
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